ELIZABETH di GRAZIA ________________________________________________________________________  AWARDS 2014-2015                   Winner, Jerome Travel and Study Grant 2013-2014                   Winner, Loft Mentor Series, nonfiction 2013-2014                   Winner, Next Step Fund, McKnight Foundation 2008                           Winner of Sixth Annual Minnesota Literature Essay Contest 2007                            Winner of Family Favorite Neighborhood Contest,                                     Minnesota Parent 2004                            Finalist, Bakeless Literary Prize in creative nonfiction 2004                            Finalist, SASE/Jerome Writer Awards PUBLICATIONS 2012-Present               WordSisters: In it together from inspiration to publication Contributing and founding member of weekly blog. 2013                            The Writer's Block Blog, The Loft Literary Center 2008                            “Babies and Birthmoms and Bellies, Oh My!”                                     Adoptive Family Magazine                  2008                            "Community" Tosteson & Brockett Co-Publishers,                                      The Frontline of Pluralism, Wising Up Press 2008                            "I Know That I'm Going To Cry" Slab Literary Magazine 2008                            "I Changed My Mind" Minnesota Literature 2007                            "Family Reunion" Illness And Grace, Terror And Transformation                                     Tosteson & Brockett Co-Publishers, Wising Up Press 2007                            "Progeny" Mom Writer's Literary Magazine 2007                            "Tai Chi in the Backyard" Adiago Verse Quarterly 2007                            "Forms" Penniless Press 2007                            "Homecoming" HackWriters And Others                Edge Life, Beginnings, Rockhurst Review, The Phoenix EDUCATION 2003-Present               Ongoing classes at the Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis 2003                            Master of Fine Arts in Writing, Hamline University 1989                            Bachelor of Arts Degree, Metropolitan State University

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